As a football coach, you must have a passion for the game.


Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is a soccer player from Argentina. He has been named the best player in the world by FIFA. He has won several trophies, including the Ballon d’Or. He was born on 24 June 1987 and has been playing football since he was five years old. During his childhood, he played for Grandoli, a club coached by his father. He later switched to Newell’s Old Boys in 1995. At the age of eleven, Messi was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency.


Among the many awards Messi has received, he has won the Ballon d’Or, the Golden Boot, the FIFA World Player, and the Pichichi Trophy. He is the only player in history to win all four individual awards in the same season. 


If you look at the stats, Harry Kane is undoubtedly the best football player in the world. He is still very young and has a natural ability to score goals.

Aggressive Player

He is also a very aggressive player who isn’t afraid to run in behind defenders and play short. When a chance comes his way, he makes sure to take it and score quickly.

Dynamic Style

With such a dynamic style of play, he could have a long and successful career in the game. Kane has scored 24 Premier League goals this season.


Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk has been labelled the best defender in the world. He has been praised by AC Milan legend Franco Baresi, who described him as a “leader.” There are many reasons why Van Dijk is regarded as the best defender in the modern game. His skills and ability have been recognised by several prestigious awards. He was named UEFA Player of the Year and finished second in the Ballon d’Or vote.


Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino has regularly called him one of the best strikers in the world.


He also praised his team-mate, Son Heung-min, who scored twice against Bournemouth on Saturday.

Van Dijk

Van Dijk is known for his excellent positioning and close control. He makes precise tackles when he needs to.


Taking free-kicks is one of the best ways to get a goal, and Barcelona star Lionel Messi is one of the best in the world at it. In addition to winning seven Ballon d’Or awards, he is considered by many to be the greatest player of all time.

International Career

In the past four seasons, Messi has averaged more than two free-kick goals for Barcelona. Then in the 2015/16 season, he scored nine goals from free-kicks. Since then, he has averaged nearly seven free-kick goals per season. During the first four seasons, he played second fiddle to Ronaldo and Xavi, but as he developed, he became a more potent threat from the free-kick. Although his record of free-kick goals is still limited, he has already surpassed Cristiano Ronaldo’s record of 51 goals in his career.

His style of play also allows him to play deeper. This is a good thing for a defender because it means the attacker has less time to make mistakes.