As a football coach, you must have a passion for the game.

Origins of Football Around the World


Football has been around for centuries, but where did it start? Earlier versions of the game were played in India, where it was disorganized and violent, often played by entire villages. These games involved large balls that were thrown and kicked, and players used their kicking skills to take down opponents. It was not until 1873 that a standard size and weight was established. The modern game of football has its origins in Victorian Britain. In this time, working-class people sought new forms of entertainment and many chose to take up football. The development of the sport was further spurred by key urban institutions, which organized teams for working-class men.  For more fotballreiser .


Throughout the ages, different versions of football have been played throughout the world. Before the modern game of football was invented, it was played by Aboriginal Australians and in ancient China. Click here for more detail fotballreiser liverpool .


his game was similar to soccer but used animal skins as balls. The objective was to knock a ball through a net suspended from bamboo poles. Origins of football in Canada are not clear, but there is some evidence to suggest that this game is a descendent of rugby. 

Modern Game

However, the modern game of football is generally considered to have originated in Britain, where the game first developed in the nineteenth century .Rugby was a game in which players kicked a ball into an area called the goal. Learn more about fotballreiser arsenal .


 Some historians believe that the sport first developed in ancient China, while others think it originated among the pre-Columbian peoples of South America. The game originated in Scotland, where it has been played for more than 600 years, but was not organised until the fifteenth century. 


The earliest versions of football involved players standing in a circle and kicking a ball high into the air. This game was popular with both the young and old. In ancient times, it was even played by imperial soldiers. The game was later adapted by other cultures, including Ancient Greece, the Romans, and Native Americans.


Early versions of the game were based on handball and rugby, but did not allow for tackling or charging the holder of the ball.


The origins of football go back centuries, but the exact origins are unclear. Later, the game moved from the streets into residence houses and public schools.

new series

A new series on Netflix called The English Game will tell the story of the dramatic beginnings of football in England during the 1870s.


The drama is not just a sports show, but also an intelligent look at class differences in the era. It closely follows the lives of working class football players and their struggles to make ends meet. The game of football has a complex history, and its beginnings are difficult to trace.

Football in Brazil

The origins of football in Brazil are unclear, but this popular sport has become an integral part of Brazilian culture. Initially, the game was a spectator sport, with spectators and players from the same social status attending matches. As the popularity of football spread, the sport evolved and became a national sport in Brazil.

In the early years of football in Brazil, ethnic clubs were prominent. These clubs would select members based on community and not on the winning record.

Its evolution has brought it to its current form. In 1863, the sport was divided into association and rugby. This led to the creation of the Football Association, which is the first official governing body of the sport.